Proposal photography capture the magic moments of the day

We have got the some secrets to be sure you succeed if you have ever thought about photographing a proposal! Between the elements of a nervous and surprise groom-to-be, a lot could go wrong. Lower the risk. Walkthrough one day before using some and the groom-to-be at the same time of day he’s getting down on one knee. A walkthrough will help get everybody on the same page and place the groom. They will be discovered and fixed, if there are any holes in the plan. This is the time to be certain that the future-bride-to-be will not be able to see us but ensure we will be able to see her.  We suggest if you cannot meet in person in Advance skipping with your groom then scoping it out yourself! That is exactly what we did for Megan and Joe’s surprise Paris proposal! Joe resides so he is covertly skippered by us before we left, and we moved to the place the day before so that we can text him photographs of where to go when he was down on one knee and what direction to face.

proposal photography

  1. Help the Groom Pick the Best Light

We cannot always control the time a proposal is going to occur golden hour is definitely our taste! , but we do need to be sure that the light will be so that the eye is not distracted by anything from the moment. Give your expert opinion to him on time he has dreamed up.

  1. Prove Him Where to Kneel

Educating him about placement and the angle is vital. Ensure proposal photography positioned so that when they are facing each other, you can see the context all and both of the profiles. We did not do our job, if we cannot see him down on one knee, her response, and the environment around them in one shot. 1 photograph should be able to tell the story.

  1. Use a Long Telephoto Lens

And for as much as we love prime lenses, during a surprise proposal, we just have moments to find a pulled back and tight version of this kneeling shot, so there is really not enough time to stop and change lenses, or to find the wide shot from father away and then run up to the one. Everything occurs so quickly friends.

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