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Since each person has different needs, there are types of dating agencies suitable for every preference. That’s why there are those who specialize in extravagant fetishes and those in more traditional relationships dating agency in singapore for professionals.

Whatever your special wish is, you can rest assured that our winning dating sites will help you find your perfect match.

The registration

Registration is usually free, but using the platform involves costs. Paying for a specialized dating site will increase your chances of finding true love. The costs of such an agency are usually a bit higher than other dating sites.

The advantage of free dating agencies

There are also many dating websites that are completely free. This means that anyone can join freely, with the advantage that there are many more singles and registration and management are very simple.

Advantages of paid dating agencies


Members of a paid website are more determined to find the right person. When someone is willing to spend money looking for the perfect match, it is a good indication that they are serious. Generally, larger dating agents have decent customer assistance and matchmaking possibilities.

Greater principles

Most stoners who are ready to pay for a dating site also have their own income, they know what they want and what they are willing to do. This demonstrates greater maturity in paid website users, which increases the quality of profiles and communication.